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PETA has used a wide range of streams of communication in order to reach different demographics. Recently, they have increased their efforts of appealing to youth through social networking. Facebook, which is used by students across the world, has given PETA a platform to spread its messages on a large scale. Myspace, a similar networking site open to the public for a much longer time, has fulfilled similar goals.

petacookbookPETA has also used many other networks of communication such as E-cards, merchandise, and cookbooks. PETA even has it’s own vegetarian cooking blog. This medium demonstrates the two-way symmetrical PR model because audiences often comment on the success of the different recipes and add their own material.

The large assortment of types of communication gives PETA the ability to reach a wide variety and number of people. This tactic is an example of the Uses and Gratifications Theory.

Uses and Gratifications Theory- People choose the media that they are influenced by due to their own preferences and values. People form personal relationships between the media that they consume. This relates to the PETA campaign because PETA understands that everyone is different, and therefore people are influenced by different types of media. Some demographics watch the news on television every night while others read the news online. PETA has recognized that today’s youth has a much different selection of media that they use than adults.

Post By Mark Raney


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